myUSI Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my my USI password?

Mar 28th

Resetting your USI password will also sync your Eagles Mail account with the same password

If you have forgotten your password, go to and enter your username in the “Reset Password” portlet on the right side of the page.  Click “OK”

You will be prompted to answer three of the security questions you created the first time you logged into the portal.  If you answer these questions correctly you will be prompted to enter your new password.

If you know your password, you may log in to and click the “Reset Password” tab near the top of the page.  There you will find a “Reset Password” portlet where you can enter and confirm a new password.

How Do I Configure My iPhone for Eagles Mail

Oct 18th

First, you need to reset your myUSI password so that myUSI and your Eagles Mail passwords are in sync.

On the phone, go to Settings > “Mail, Contacts, Calendars ”

Enter your email address,
Domain: leave empty
Username (enter your FULL email address here)
Password: Your myUSI password
description “Eagles mail”     SSL – ON select Next to verify your account. (May or may not ask for SSL depending on version

How Do I Configure my Android Mobile Device for Eagles Mail

Oct 18th

First, you need to reset your myUSI password so that myUSI and your Eagles Mail passwords are in sync.

Add E-mail Account




Add Account

Microsoft Exchange/Corporate Sync

Email Address: Enter full email EX:

Password: Your myUSI password

Domain: leave blank (depending on the version of android you may have to put “”again

Username: enter full email address again EX:


Account Name: what you would like it to be called “Eagles Mail”

If it asks about SSL, SSL is required.

If it asks if it should accept all certificates, say “Yes”

***Different versions of android will vary settings/menus***

How do I create a contact list in Eagles Mail?

Aug 16th

  1. In Contacts, on the toolbar, click contact New Contact.
  2. On the new contact page, type the information you want to include for the contact.
    You can use the drop-down lists to record multiple entries in some boxes. For example, the drop-down list next to E-mail lets you store up to three different e-mail addresses for a contact (E-mail, E-mail 2, and E-mail 3). You can also store more than one address and telephone number.
  3. If you’ve more than one address stored for a contact, you can designate one as the contact’s mailing address. Select the address from the drop-down list, and then select the This is the mailing address check box at the bottom of the page.
  4. Click save Save and Close to save the new contact. Click Cancel if you want to discard your changes.

Use the File as list to determine how the contact will appear in Contacts. You can display each contact by first and last name, by last name first, or by company name.

How do I delete an email message?

Aug 15th

Delete a message simply by clicking on the message and then clicking the “Delete“  button at the top of the email message list.

This will send the message to your “Deleted Items” folder (trash can icon).

In order to permanently delete the messages, you must delete them from the “Deleted Items” folder.  All messages may be deleted by right clicking on the “Deleted Items” folder and selecting “Empty deleted items” or you may individually delete or recover messages by opening the folder and selecting them.

What is the myUSI mail quota?

Aug 15th

The myUSI email quota is 10 Gigabytes (10 GB) of space across all of your email folders.

Moving messages into a folder still counts against your overall quota. This includes moving mail into your Deleted and Sent folders.

Once you reach your quota, you won’t be able to receive email anymore and anyone sending you an email message will get bounce back error messages explaining that your mailbox is full.

If you are over quota, you can free up space by deleted messages that you no longer need from any of the folders in your email. If you need copies for future reference, you might consider forwarding them to another account or printing them off before removing them.

How to move messages to a folder in your Eagles Mail

Aug 15th

Select a message by clicking on the message or select multiple messages by holding down the “Ctrl” key and selecting multiple messages.

Do one of two things:

  1. Drag the selected email(s) to the left to the folder in which you want to place the messages, or
  2. Click “Move” at the top of the page and select the desired folder from the dropdown, or select “Move to folder…” from the dropdown and then select the desired folder from the list that pops up.

How to make new folders in your Eagles Mail

Aug 15th

  1. In the Navigation Pane, on the bottom left, click e-mail Mail to view the list of all folders in your Inbox.
  2. Right-click the folder in which you want to create a new folder. For example, to create a subfolder in your Inbox, right-click Inbox. To create a new folder at the same level as your Inbox, right-click your name at the top of the folder list.
  3. Click Create New Folder.
  4. Type a name for your new folder.
  5. Press ENTER to save your changes.

How do I forward my email?

Aug 15th

To setup forwarding, you need to logon to myUSI ( and then click on the Eagles Mail icon on the dashboard.

This should take you into your new Eagles Mail account.  Look for the Gear-shaped icon dropdown in the upper right of the screen, and select Options …

This should take you to the options screen.  On your right, you will see the Forward your e-mail shortcut.  Click this.

At the next screen on the bottom, you can specify the address where you want your email to forward.  If you simply want the email to go to the forwarded location, uncheck the Keep a copy checkbox.  If you want your email to be in both places, check this checkbox.  When you are all set, click the Start Forwarding button.

What are the requirements for an announcement on the myUSI start page or in the announcements?

Jan 27th

Announcements that appear on the myUSI start page ( have the following requirements:

  • A short descriptive title.
    • Longer titles encroach on your announcement’s copy area.
  • Copy text of the actual announcement that should not exceed 500 characters including spaces and punctuation.
    • If we get longer announcements, we will return them.
    • We suggest that the copy of the announcement include either a link to a web page that includes more details about the announcement or an email address or phone number of a contact that can field requests for additional information.
  • A notice as to how long the requesting party would like to run the announcement.
  • An optional image that should be at most 433 X 300 pixels with a maximum resolution of 96 pixels per inch (ppi).
    • Image formats can be .gif, .jpg, or .png.
    • Avoid making an image of the announcement’s copy text. A separate image, if you have one will suffice. If you make an image containing the announcement’s copy text, your announcement request must contain an editable text copy of the announcement that we can post alongside. If it does not, your announcement request will be returned.
  • NO PowerPoint files. Just send the copy text above with an (optional) image to the specifications listed.

The announcement copy text will be duplicated in the announcement channel of